Flat Lights - LED (2 pack)

Our Price: $5.00

LED Flat Lights are perfect for night disc golf! Packaged 2/pack.

These ultra-thin LED accent lights measuring 1 3/4" x 3/4" can be attached to a disc with any kind of tape.

The light can function in a rapid flashing, slow flashing or stationary mode.

Flat LED lights are available in Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow as well as the new Mood and 7-Color.

The Mood Flat Lite has one mode which fades from blue, green and red.

The 7-Color Flat Lite has 7 different color options that change by simply pressing the on/off button. Each time you turn it on, you get a different color or combination of colors or the Mood function.
They are powered by non-replaceable CR1620 batteries and will run for 24+ hours.
Besides lighting up your discs, they can be used in hundreds of ways. These LED Flat Lights will go practically anywhere to provide attractive points of light in a room, light up crystal pieces for an amazing effects, spice up a non-transferable ID band, attach to a costume or hat to make a lighting effect that will blow people's minds, put into each finger of a transparent or translucent glove and turn your hands into a light show, and more.
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