Tite-Grip for Dry Hands

MSRP: $10.00

Our Price: $8.75

TITE-GRIP is a topical antiperspirant lotion that can be applied to the hands and/or feet or under the arms. Since moisture from perspiration or rain can affect the grip, touch, and feel of your golf disc, you want to have dry hands!!!  It is formulated with eighteen FDA approved ingredients. Applied to the skin, it leaves no sticky residue and doesn't transfer anything to the clothes or sporting equipment. A small amount applied to the skin and rubbed in well will eliminate moisture in 30 seconds and will keep your hands and/or feet dry for up to 6 hours. Tite-Grip will enhance your sport performance.
As an added bonus... Tite-Grip is also beneficial in neutralizing the oils and drying up the blisters of poison ivy!
You must shake the tube well to mix the contents. Wash hands before applying.
Apply a small amount onto your hands, rub them together 
Three things will happen: 
   1. Moisture will be drawn from your hands
   2. Your hands will become temporarily sticky (rub past the stickiness)
   3. The stickiness will soon disappear and your hands will stay dry for between 4 to 6 hours.
Approximately 50 applications per tube.


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Stuff is kinda expensive but by god it works. If you have issues with sweaty hands like I do I strongly suggest this along with a no bogey bag. The problem will be solved I promise.
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