Disc Beeper

MSRP: $23.99

Our Price: $20.00

The Disc Beeper is an electronic device that is centrally placed underneath a disc that allows players to easily find their disc. The device only weighs 6 grams and shows absolutely no noticeable effect on disc flight. It has 3 distinct modes that allows up to 3 players to play at once.

Disc Beeper has a push-button turn on, requiring 550 grams of force to engage. Once the Disc Beeper is on, there is a 45 second delay to allow launch and attempted retrieval, allowing the user to throw it. The Disc Beeper will produce an audible beeping sound every 3 seconds, heard from over 200 feet away until you turn it off.

It is waterproof, rechargeable (via micro-USB), and lasts for 6 hours on a single charge. It attaches to your disc with some of the strongest adhesive tape in the world (3M VHB) so it will not come off even after hard tree-strikes.

Each Disc Beeper Includes: Disc Beeper, Alcohol Swab, Primer Pen, Usb Cable and Sticker.

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