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CHING Golf Discs are unique in the industry. They have built upon previous spoiler technology and introduced their own Patented Dynamic Rotational Air Flow Transition™, (D.R.A.F.T.) Systems for predictability and distance. Rather than a static, disruptive feature like a raised thumb track or groove around the entire disc, Ching explored recessed, individual contours that dynamically respond to the speed of the spinning disc. Patented Excelerator™ Contours combine during flight to generate favorable aerodynamic performance. The faster the disc spins, the more pronounced the spoiler action for speed sensitive balance during flight. This recessed airfoil improves control & performance without sacrificing distance from excess drag. More control & smoother flights. Focused drag when & where you need it, to resist hi-speed turnover - but less so when it's time for glide.

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CHING POWER LINE is blended with a special mix of materials designed for tournament-durability at an affordable price. Excellent grip in all weather, this plastic becomes 'experienced' over time for players that have learned to appreciate bag rotation. The Power Line was originally released in the old 'military' series, and has now been resurrected in very similar materials to fill their patented D.R.A.F.T. disc designs.

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Ching offers unique bags, the 12 pack cooler bag and the clever clam shell shaped jam bag. Read about them below, view them in our Small Bag Comparison video, and then contact us if you have more questions.

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