Discmania MD2 (Fiend) - C-Line

MSRP: $16.99

Our Price: $13.95

The Discmania C-Line MD2 Fiend is an overstable mid range driver. Straight flying, stable, quick and accurate, the MD2 will hold whatever line you put on it. Great for tight and long fairway shots, medium range drives and really long approach shots. The rim feels great, configured for a smooth and controlled release every time. It's a very versatile disc golf disc for recreational as well as touring pro disc golfers. 21.7 cm diameter.

Speed 4, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2

P LineOverstable165-174 grams
C LineOverstable170-180
S LineOverstable165-180g

What others have said:

"I have 178 gram MD2 in C-Line plastic as my primary approach disc because of the simple reason that it handles predictably in almost all conditions when throwing a straight or hyzer line. Longer anhyzers tend to straighten a bit too early and monstrous headwinds may flip a straight shot if I get a bit too careless especially when it has been beaten in. I haven’t found a better disc when I need to cover about 30-70 meters distance which makes it an ideal disc for shorter drivers in addition to approaches." - Jukka
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