Alright Innova fans, get geared up with the wide array of Innova disc golf accessories. From functional items like backpack strap, caddy seats, minis, water bottles, can coolies and towels to fun items like the Ript card game, decals, DVDs are more. Show your love of Innova and the great sport of disc golf!

Innova Towel - DewFly

Innova has improved on the disc golf towel. The Innova DewFly towel measures 13" by 13", it's made of buttery soft microsuede fabric that doesn't cling to leaves and other debris if dropped on the ground. It is super absorben…


Innova Towel - FlyDry

Innova FlyDry Towel - Innova disc golf towels evolve! This towel dries wet discs instantly. Grommeted for attachment to a bag. 15” by 15” square. Available in black only. …


Innova Towel - Super Shammy

The Innova Super Shammy disc golf towel is a unique synthetic chamois. Use the Super Shammy to get your discs clean and bone dry to provide a highly grippable surface. Features 3 sq. feet of cleaning surface, stays supple whe…