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Millennium Puck Set

Millennium Puck Set

The Millennium Small Axe Puck is made up of an interlocking mini driver and a mini putter. The minis lock together with a patent-pending design that provides a tight secure fit resulting in a secure storage container with a storage cavity approximately 3 3/8" around by 3/4" deep. There is an optional expansion ring to increase the storage capacity by about 3/8". Expansion rings are sold separately.

Despite the tight fit, the Puck opens easily by wedging the putter edge upward. Molded from buoyant food-grade plastic and snapped together with a water resistant seal, the discs individually float in water and the Puck floats carrying all but the heaviest cargo.

The long range mini driver is called the Ratchet. It weighs about 51 grams as the heaviest flying driver in mini disc golf and sports a super large 4 3/8" diameter. Its sharp wing design and large bead help lend stability for hard throws and windy conditions. Put some snap on the Ratchet for a nice controlled S-curve. The name Ratchet is Jamaican slang for a switchblade knife, sharp and concealed, which fits the Ratchet Driver to a tee.

The putt and approach mini is called Fat Bwai (pronounced Fat Boy). It weighs about 54 grams as the heaviest flying mini ever made and sports a super large 4 3/8" diameter. It reflects the tall even-radius aerodynamic design favored by many disc golfers and its heavy weight lends stability, wind resistance and that drop to help range your shot. The Fat Bwai is a straight flyer out of the gate and holds a beefy line for those sneaky hyzer and anhyzer shots. The name Fat Bwai is Jamaican slang for a big jolly friend -- just what you want in a putter.

Colors are white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black. Please note that matching same color Pucks provide the best locking seal. You can mix and match colors but due to the inherent variability caused by plastic colorants, results may vary when mixing colors.

Fun disc golf accessories.

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