DGA Undertow - ProLine

The DGA Undertow - ProLine is an understable fairway driver that was designed for increased control...

DGA Tsunami - ProLine

The DGA Tsunami - ProLine is an ultra overstable fairway driver disc golf disc. It was designed for ..

DGA Towel - TriFold

The DGA Tri-fold towel is a must for disc golf, not only on rainy days, but on those hot and humid d..

DGA Towel - Disc-Dri

The DGA Disc-Dri™ disc golf towel is the ideal towel for drying off your wet discs. It is super a..

DGA Titanic - ProLine

The DGA Titanic - ProLine is a slightly overstable putt and approach disc. It is perfect for down hi..

DGA Titanic - D Line

The DGA Titanic - D Line is a slightly overstableputt and approach disc. It is perfect for down hill..

DGA Tee Shirt - Upside Logo

Show off your love for disc golf with the new DGA Upside Tee. Featuring the new DGA Apparel Logo run..

DGA Tee Shirt - Tsunami

Featuring a timeless piece of artwork, the DGA Tsunami Tee has all the style you will need in a tee ..

DGA Tee Shirt - Spinner

The DGA Spinner Tee features a stylized logo that includes the majority of DGA’s ProLine disc names...

DGA Tee Shirt - Sketch

DGA Sketch Tee’s are designed from the original DGA basket logo sketch that later turned into the cu..

DGA Tee Shirt - Scratch

DGA Scratch Tees are comfortable and look sharp sporting a sweet one of a kind custom design. The Sc..

DGA Tee Shirt - Ladies Tee

The DGA Ladies Tee was designed with the disc golf woman in mind. DGA is proud to introduce its firs..

DGA Tee Shirt - Circle Stamp Logo Long Sleeve

DGA Long Sleeve Tee Shirts are designed to keep you comfortable on those rounds where the weather ca..

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Ultimate Disc

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Lines of Headrick Memorial Freestyle Disc “The Lines of Headrick” me..

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Golf Discs - XL

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Disc Golf Driver The “Steady” Ed Memorial Disc’s graphics are color ..

DGA Starter Disc Golf Bags

The DGA Disc Golf Starter bagshave quality and durability needed for an everyday disc dolf bag. *..

DGA Squall - SP Line

The DGA Squall - SP Line is a revolutionary mid-range disc that is slightly understable. It has a dr..

DGA Squall - ProLine

The DGA Squall - ProLine is a revolutionary midrange driver that is slightly understable. It feature..

DGA Shockwave - ProLine

The DGA Shockwave - ProLine is a deadly accurate super overstable midrange driver with great line co..

DGA Rogue - SP Line

The DGA Rogue - SP Line is a maximum distance driver that is more controllable than other overstable..

DGA Rogue - ProLine

The DGA Rogue - ProLine is a maximum distance driver that is more controllable than other overstable..

DGA Riptide - ProLine

The DGA Riptide - ProLine is a swift and strong extra long range driver with a low profile that will..

DGA Reef - SP Line

The DGA Reef - SP Line is aslightly understable putter and approachthat evolved from the revolutiona..

DGA Reef - D Line

The DGA Reef - D Line is a slightly understable putter and approach that evolved from the revolution..

DGA PowerDrive GumbPutt - Signature Line

The DGA PowerDrive GumbPutt - Signature Line is a straight pointed edge putter and approach disc tha..