DGA Squall - SP Line

The DGA Squall - SP Line is a revolutionary mid-range disc that is slightly understable. It has a dr..

DGA Starter Disc Golf Bags

The DGA Disc Golf Starter bagshave quality and durability needed for an everyday disc dolf bag. *..

DGA Cap - Flexfit Stealth Hat

The DGA Stealth Flexfit Hat features an all jet black cap with a white rubber raised weld of the DGA..

DGA Tee Shirt - Tsunami

Featuring a timeless piece of artwork, the DGA Tsunami Tee has all the style you will need in a tee ..

DGA Tee Shirt - Upside Logo

Show off your love for disc golf with the new DGA Upside Tee. Featuring the new DGA Apparel Logo run..

DGA Cap - Snapback Flat Bill

Stay stylin' on and off the course with the new DGA Flatbill Snapback. Featuring the DGA Circle Logo..

DGA Tee Shirt - Scratch

DGA Scratch Tees are comfortable and look sharp sporting a sweet one of a kind custom design. The Sc..

DGA Tee Shirt - Sketch

DGA Sketch Tee’s are designed from the original DGA basket logo sketch that later turned into the cu..

DGA Tee Shirt - Spinner

The DGA Spinner Tee features a stylized logo that includes the majority of DGA’s ProLine disc names...

DGA Tee Shirt - Circle Stamp Logo Long Sleeve

DGA Long Sleeve Tee Shirts are designed to keep you comfortable on those rounds where the weather ca..

DGA Mach Baskets Number Plate Conversion Kit

The DGA Number Plates can be added to the DGA Mach New II, DGA Mach V and Discraft Chainstar disc go..

DGA Hoodie - Oasis Crewneck

Stay ahead of the fashion trends with the DGA Oasis Crewneck Sweatshirt, featuring the new..

DGA Hoodie - Standard Logo

The DGA Standard Hoodie is a mid-weight pullover hooded sweatshirt that features an easily acce..

DGA Hoodie - Ladies Sanctum Zip Front

The Ladies Sanctom Hoodie are tailored with a women's cut. These cotton and poly blend Tultex hoodie..

DGA Gel-Strapz

DGA Gel-Strapz backpack straps for your disc golf bag offer advanced features, improved comfort and ..

DGA Hoodie - Fairway Zip Up

The DGA Fairway Zip Up Hoodie is sleek and fashionable. It features the new DGA apparel logo on the ..

DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags

The DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags features a hard case protective "Shield Pocket" that will keep y..

DGA Mach Basket Blades

DGA Basket Blades are designed to add visibility and branding potential to your DGA Disc Pole Holes...

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Ultimate Disc

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Lines of Headrick Memorial Freestyle Disc “The Lines of Headrick” me..

DGA Basket - Mini Pole Hole

The DGA Mini Basket is a fun miniature basket to play with in your home or back yard using golf weig..

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Golf Discs - XL

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Disc Golf Driver The “Steady” Ed Memorial Disc’s graphics are color ..

DGA M-14 - Portable Disc Golf Basket

The DGA M-14 Portable Practice Disc Golf Basket allows the novice, advanced, and pro players to prac..

DGA Mach Lite - Portable

The DGA Mach Lite is a full size collapsible basket that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding..

DGA Mach II Portable

The DGA Mach II Portable disc golf basket is free standing and portable. It has a round metal b..

DGA Mach V No Frills

The DGA Mach V No Frills disc golf basket is permanent and not removable. Since it concretes straigh..