Discraft Tracker - ESP

MSRP: $18.00

Our Price: $15.90

The Discraft ESP Tracker is an extra long range driver with a stability rating of 1.8 (overstable to extremely overstable). With pinpoint accuracy and superior performance, it consistently delivers straight flights with little effort. Great for both amateurs and pros alike. It's flight characteristics are similar to the Buzzz midrange, but longer. Great for controlled distance. Throw it hard and watch it go the extra distance with a slow fading finish.

The ESP Tracker has been discontinued, but we still have them in stock.


"My primary anhyzer driver and for controlled soft tunnel shots. The Tracker is all about control. On most shots, control is much more important than power and the hardest shots to control are tight tunnels and anhyzers. With the Tracker, you don't have to torque on it hard to get it to turn over. I can throw it smooth and flat and it produces a controlled, predictable response." - Mark Ellis

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