Discraft Putt'r - Elite X

MSRP: $11.00

Our Price: $10.90

The Discraft Elite X Putt'r is an excellent turnover approach putter with stability of 0.0, stable. It goes super straight, and feels great in your hand. It holds anhyzers particularly well. Great in all conditions. The Putt'r has been referred to by some as the best disc golf putter ever! Beginner friendly disc golf disc.

Available in Elite X, Stability 0.0, Weights 164-174

"There is no better putter for downwind shots. It's slightly understable, so downwind throws keep it nice and straight. Just a little hyzer and short (30 feet and under) putts are semi-automatic. A few years ago I was at the Riverside Glide in Tulsa, and shot 20 under par back-to-back on a 25-hole setup using the Putt'r exclusively for my putts. Yeah… it's that good!!" - Ron Convers, Jr.

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