Mid range drivers have thicker edged profiles than fairway and distance drivers. They don't fly as fast or as far but they are easier to control than fairway and distance drivers making many of them great for beginners getting the feel for throwing. Use them for short drives, midrange shots and approaches. A mid range driver makes a great multi-purpose disc to play an entire course using just one disc.

You can sort this list of mid range drivers by Model (which is really Manufacturer), Price or Plastic to arrange discs in groups that may help your search. Play around with it.

Or we offer the ways below to narrow your search by their flight characteristics. Understable and stable discs are more beginner friendly, overstable discs are better for players with experience. If you need more help, just contact us for friendly expert advice.

Narrow Down Your Search

Westside Warship - VIP

The Westside VIP Warship is astable midrange driver with lots of glide. PDGA approved. Warships started to sail to U.S. early in March 2012. The hotstamp pictures Finnish warship from Kalevala age so this is not a Norwegia…