Innova Coyote - Star

MSRP: $17.99

Our Price: $15.90

The Innova Star Coyote is a mid range driver that is straight. A great choice for beginners, intermediates and pros using only one disc. It has good glide and flies predictably for straight, gentle turnover, or hyzer shots. It holds a soft flight line. The Coyote has a friendly grip that makes it easy to throw and release. It is an excellent disc for many types of long or short approach shots, short drives, roller shots, and even short range putts. It has a larger diameter (21.7cm)

It is a great choice for stable straight shots, hyzer shots, anhyzer shots, placement shots, and playing with one disc.


"The Coyote is a straight flying Mid-Range disc. It's low profile makes it easy to throw & control." - Alan Beaver


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more Fade, try the Shark
more Turn, try the Super Stingray
more Glide, try the Kite

Other Speed 4 discs include the Cobra, King Cobra, Lycan, Mako, Roc, Roc+, Shark, Stingray, Super Stingray and Wolf.
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