Innova Wolf - DX

MSRP: $9.99

Our Price: $7.75

The Innova DX Wolf is an understable mid range driver designed for making medium range straight and turnover shots. It features the patented INNOVA Thumtrac for added grip and reliability. The Wolf allows any player to learn anhyzer shots with very little effort. A great feeling disc that is easy to release. Great for threading narrow fairways as well as turnover shots. Makes an excellent mid range roller disc. Beginner friendly. 21.7 cm diameter.

It is a great choice for tight wooded shots, short to medium range rollers, turnover approaches, beginner disc.
Speed 4, Glide 3, Turn -4, Fade 1
Available in DX plastic. Weights 150 class to 180 grams. Understable.
"Designed for a good thumb grip, this medium speed under-stable mid-range makes for a great learning tool. Easy to release." - Ken Climo
If you are looking for a disc with
more Glide, try the Aero
more Turn, try the Mamba
more Fade, try the Cobra

Other Speed 4 discs include the Cobra, King Cobra, Coyote, Lycan, Mako, Roc, Roc+, Shark, Stingray and Super Stingray.


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