Innova Champion Archon

MSRP: $16.99

Our Price: $13.90

The Innova Champion Archon is a distance driver that is straight - stable. It blends the graceful long turn of the Katana with the smooth fade of the Wraith. It can be described as a longer Valkyrie. For newer players, the Archon is an ideal distance driver. For the skilled players, it's a great control driver. And for the power players, it's great for big S-shots and tailwind drives. It's a great choice for straight flight, tunnel shots and as a finesse disc. All in all, the Archon is a great golf disc for players looking to master their game and rule the course. It has the finesse you need when the course throws you curves. 21.2 cm diameter

The Champion plastic this discs sports has amazing performance and durability. Discs in this plastic tend to hold their original flight path longer than other plastics for a longer predictive life. The Champion Archon will be tried and true whether used on wooded courses or in a wide open fairway. The pearlescent plastic looks great in the bag and predictably flying through the air. 

Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 2

Available in:
Champion, Star and Echo Star, weight 165 - 175 grams

"The Archon is a great mix of controllability and speed. If you want long accurate drives this is a disc you should try." - Nathan Sexton

If you are looking for a disc that has
more Fade, try the Wraith.
more Turn, try the Mamba.

Other Speed 11 discs include the TeeRex, Wraith, Mamba, Krait and Max
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