Innova Wedge - Star

MSRP: $17.99

Our Price: $15.90

The Innova Star Wedge is an understable putt and approach disc. Actually, it is 'wedged' between a putter and a mid range driver. Smaller hands and those preferring a low profile straight flying putter will find the Wedge easier to grip and release. Beginners will like this as a great multi purpose disc as it flies straight with minimal fade. As a putter, it has a neutral flight pattern. More advance players will find the Wedge to be an accurate mid range roller and turn over mid range flyer. 21.2 cm diameter.

Speed 3.5, Glide 3, Turn -3, Fade 1
DXUnderstable150 Class - 175 grams
StarUnderstable150 Class - 175 grams

"I was prepared to be under-whelmed and was not. It has a very smooth release and a terrific low speed under-stable glide that will allow me to keep a straight, or even right-turn at approach speeds. I think this will squeeze between the Hammer and the Roc in the upshot line-up. So glad to see some attention going to the finesse side of the game!" - Gregg Hosfeld

If you are looking for a disc that has
more Glide, try the Aero
more Turn, try the Wolf
more Fade, try the Cobra

Other Speed 3 discs include the Aero, Dart, Classic Roc, Hydra and Pig.
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