Black Jax Axe Light Up Golf Disc

Our Price: $19.00

The Black Jax Axe is a straight to slightly overstable Light-Up Night Disc Golf Driver. No losing these discs when you let them rip on a good drive...even on the darkest nights! It is extremely durable, floats in water and is water resistant. Long lasting replaceable batteries are included. The Axe features super bright Blue, Green or Red LEDs.

There are slight defects in the Axe. One or two lights could show some rust, but all the lights still function.

The Black Jax Axe has been discontinued, but we still have them in stock. Get yours before they are gone.

If you haven't played GLOW DISC GOLF yet, it's time to take your day game into the night. Black Jax Sports brings you to the world's first products designed specifically for NIGHT DISC GOLF (aka Glow Frisbee Golf).

Replaceable Batteries
Extreme Durability
Water Resistant
Slightly Overstable

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