Fairway drivers are thin discs with sharp edges, but not as thin and sharp as distance drivers. They aren't as fast and don't fly as far as distance drivers, but they are easier to control.

MVP fairway drivers come in vivid colors. The profiles of the overmold rims are thinner and sharper than mid range and putters.

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MVP Amp - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Amp is an understable fairway driver. The Amp fairway driver has a smooth turn and substantial glide with minimal fade. It is excellent for both high and low power players looking for easy, controllable distan…

MVP Shock - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Shock is a slightly overstable fairway driver. The Shock is a more stable complement to the Volt. With a high power throw, it will hold a long straight line with less turn and immense glide followed by a late …

MVP Volt - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Volt is a stable controllable fairway driver. It is capable of holding long dependable lines with a slow, forward-penetrating fade. Its aerodynamic profile is optimized for long, accurate placement shots. The …