Innova XCaliber - Star

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Our Price: $15.90

The Innova Star XCaliber is a very fast stable to overstable long distance driver. It flies extremely fast with glide and stability. The XCaliber achieves maximum distance when thrown low, flat, and hard. The XCaliber has the stability to let the biggest arms throw with full power. Handles headwinds, the one for confident bombs in windy conditions. If you have a cannon for an arm, you'll want an XCaliber. For those who just have to have the biggest and the baddest. 21.2 cm diameter.

Definitely not designed for beginning players. The flight characteristic of the XCaliber is a lot like a Max with more speed and more glide. The XCaliber is a more stable version of the Destroyer, but like the Destroyer, it is great for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power.
It is a great choice for serious power players, maximum distance, long hyzers, headwind drives, sidearm shots for distance and advanced players looking for a stable, wind fighting distance disc.
Speed 12, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 4.
ChampionOverstable150 Class - 175 grams
Star Bottom StampOverstable170-175
Echo StarOverstable170-175

"When I need to go long at full power, the XCaliber comes out. It's not too stable nor is it under-stable and I know I can trust it in windy conditions. It's very fast and controllable, perfect for very long straight shots, perfect if you have the power and you want to out drive the competition and even perfect for my back-hand rollers." - Simon Lizotte

If you are looking for a disc that has
more Speed, try the Ape or Boss
more Turn, try the Destroyer
Other Speed 12 discs include the Destroyer, TeeDevil and Wahoo.
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