Innova Viper - DX

MSRP: $9.99

Our Price: $7.75

The Innova Viper disc golf disc is a very overstable fairway driver that is very reliable in all wind conditions. The Viper changed the way disc golf is played by becoming the first golf disc used for the “Flex Shot”. Excellent choice for sidearm throwers. Becomes a more versatile flyer as it wears. Recommended for experienced players only. 21.7 cm diameter.

It is a great choice for sidearm shots, flex shots, sidearm roller, spike hyzers, and headwind shots.
Available in DX plastic, weights 150 class to 180 grams, 21.7 cm.
Speed 6, Glide 4, Turn +1, Fade 5
"Known for their stability and grip, Vipers last a long time. The more you beat them, the longer they fly." - Dean Tannock
If you are looking for a disc that has
more Turn, try the Gazelle
more Glide, try the Coyote

Other Speed 6 discs include the Cheetah, Gazelle, Leopard and Whippet
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