Axiom Discs Golf Discs

Axiom Discs brings a new focus on style, with vibrant color combinations of GYRO™ rims on Neutron and Proton, new stamp series and foils, and a unique set of disc models to complement the MVP lineup. Axiom gives players more options for GYRO™-enhanced discs, whether for colors, flight profile, or feel.

Axiom Discs will be produced and distributed by the team at MVP Disc Sports, and MVP’s signature GYRO™ rims will remain classic black and Eclipse™ Glow white.

The aesthetics of the GYRO™ rim coupled with premium central cores have always had an appeal to throwers, disc dyers, and custom shops. The creative community in disc golf has embraced the look of GYRO™.

Axiom Discs offers these lines of plastic:

Proton - most durable plastic, abrasion resistance from impact, very slow wear, very long life, bright transparent colors with no contaminating weighting agents.

Neutron - premium polymer blend, durability of Proton, wide variety easy-to-spot neon colors, unique look and feel, reliable performance in all conditions.

Eclipse Glow Proton - same durable Proton plastic with a bright white outer ring heavily concentrated with the brightest glow phosphors. Glow discs with vivid color choices.

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Axiom Discs Envy - Neutron

The Axiom Discs Envy is a slightly overstable putt and approach disc. The Envy has a smooth modern feel that fits in the hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties. The Envy exhibits reliable high-sp…

Axiom Discs Alias - Neutron

The Axiom Discs Alias is a straight-flying midrange similar to the popular Tangent, but with a bit more high-speed stability. This point-and-shoot midrange has the ability to lock into straight lines and hyzers, as well as pa…